Fall 2003

Interview with Lisa Prenty

Q: After your finished competing amateur will you work in the sport?

A: I would probably try to coach, judge and choreograph but after I finish my education. I am really interested in so choreography and I would like to do the pro circuit as well.

Q: Anything about last season that jumps out at you?

A: The Quad Toe/Triple Toe at 4cc's (big smile), I landed it on the warm up and thought "that's awesome, that's a big step to land it for the first time at a competition" so I left it alone during the rest of the warm up. To be honest I had never done two in a row, then I go out in the program, quad triple! It totally surprised me and I skate in a circle right afterwards and all the Canadians in the audience, standing there clapping and cheering and I couldn't help but see them. I totally missed the other two jumps (a step out I think) but I didn't even care...Quad toe Triple toe, I can do it! It was probably the biggest step of last season.

Q: How did Minto go?

A: Pretty good, I didn't think I was skating that well leading up to it. getting good feed back from the flow and choreography. I am feeling confident about the programs

Q: Are you taking courses for judging?

A: I am actually, right now I am able to judge up to novice at the sectional level.

Q: How did you get started doing that?

A: Clinics, I did a bunch of clinics, write a lot of tests and do some trial judging. Hopefully soon I will be able to judge up to the senior level.

Q: Your Barrie's Althete of the year!

A: (Big smile) I was, I went to the banquet and my coach Lee presented me with award. I was really nice, there were a couple of athletes that were inducted that night.

Q: Explain Brofrost On Ice.

A: A couple of weeks ago they asked if I wanted to be in it, but I didn't know what it was. So I looked into it and for the short program there isn't going to be a program instead its a jump competition and the long program is the same, which is good because quite frankly the jump competition might not be my strong point (smiles). I haven't traveled to Europe in awhile so it will be nice.

Q: What do you think of the new system:

A: Its hard to say we haven't competed with it yet. So I don't know what to expect.

Q: Do you understand the new judging system?

A: I do, they've explained quite a bit of it to us over the past year. At the team weekend we did a lot of work on it and even before that I have gone to a lot of the demonstrations at the world championships and I feel that I have a good grasp of it.

Q: Do you think you will benefit from it and how?

A: I think so, people tell me that I will

Q:: We do…do you not think that it will benefit you from an artistic side?

A: I think so. How they have broken down the components of presentation and its good to know that it will be marked separately and not just because you landed all the jumps doesn't mean that you presentation marks shouldn't be almost as high. Comment: Artisically we think you're the best skater out there… Jeff: (shy grin) Thank YOU!

Q: What does it feel like to rotate a quad/triple jump?

A: feels pretty good especially the first one that you ever do, doesn't matter what it is you just remember that feeling sorda I guess its an ethereal feeling you can't really describe it. So much satisfaction, after awhile the competitive side takes over and you think its nice that I landed that and then you go onto the next one

Q: As a spectator watching some of the lead ins to the jumps you know you know that someone's not going to make the jump…

A: Right you just tell by their level of comfort…

Q: What point do you know that it's not going to work?

A: Its something I have been working on along time, sometimes your not going to feel awesome going into a jump but you have to do anyways, its something I still struggle with from time to time. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable like just this past weekend at Octoberfest I could not get in the ice going into the axel I felt really stiff but in the long the first axel felt stiff but you just have to go for it and you just have to trust the memory of jump that its going to work.

Q: How much is it memory and visualization?

A: At a competition, completely memory work because you've done all training and all the effort, its done, so it's basically just falling back on that…. automatic.

Q: what is your most useful training technique? (Visualization, memory) Jeff: Oh yeah Totally

A: Basically just sticking to a plan, I think that's really important.

Q: - You could also ask him about his first time ever on ice (did he take to it like a duck to water, or fall over...)

A: Ohh fall over completely! I think the first time I was on the ice, or one of the first times….I can't remember, my mom tells me this, I was just learning to walk on the ice and got to the middle and fell and of course she wasn't on the ice at the time I was learning how and I think I sat there for the rest of the 45 minute session and I refused to get up.

Q: How old were you?

A: Oh 2 or 3, so I was really young. I guess I took a liking to it when I was about 6 was when I first started competing and I think my mom knew by then that that was something that I wanted to do.

Q: What does he remember about his first ever competition, or do you?

A: (Laughs) I do! We have it on video tape. I skated to the Mickey Mouse parade music, I wore an outfit with my initials on my costume and I skated around and I stopped in the middle of the program and waved to my mom in the stands…Big Grin....and I kept going, I had no idea it was a competition or anything like that. I think I came last. I did, I'm sure I came last. Pretty embarrassing……I was a horrible skater as a child it was pretty funny.

Q: If you could compete against anyone in history, who would it be?

A: That's a tough one, probably Kurt, because he's my idol and just to compete with him would have been amazing, just to know what his habits were like and stuff like that It would be something you could learn and feed off of

Q: Have you ever been on the ice with him.

A: I have, I think I have done a couple of shows with him actually. Holiday on ice and Newmarket (Celebrations on ice) Enjoyed it completely, he's awesome always exudes an incredible amount of energy·wesome.

Q: Have you learned anything from him?

A: Yeah actually my axel technique which has improved drastically since the middle of last season. He actually initiated the change, they were feeling pretty comfortable last year, the technique looked really awkward and he sort of challenged me and said you know you have to try and fix that and he did.

Q: How did that come about?

A: In the show actually in Newmarket I did the angels number and he complimented me on how nice it was and on my lines and stuff like that and he said I have a challenge for you and I responded of course, whatever I love challenges, bring it on sort of thing and he said the program was beautiful but the axel looked like a bit of an albatross in the program and its true! It really did, I mean looking back on it now that I've changed it, it did it really looked awkward the way I sort of jerked myself into the axel and he said that if you could try and change that it would be the icing on the cake.