Summer 2001

Interview with Lisa Prenty

Q: Any funny stories about/during competitions? (lost luggage, something that tells the people coming to your site about what its like to travel and compete)

A: Actually...kinda funny you should mention this. After the Sept. 11th tragedy, we all figured that with the new strict rules applied to carry-on luggage, that skates would no longer be able to be brought on board. I suppose for safety reasons, this is acceptable, though we all know that airlines aren't exactly the most dependable sources of getting suitcases from point A to point B. My first international following Sept. 11th was to Vienna, and low and behold, I had luggage problems. We unfortunately had a short stop over in London and boarded the flight to Vienna, only my suitcase (with skates) did not quite make it on the plane. Luckily they knew where my suitcase was, and it did arrive in Vienna about 6 hours later....first trip without having my skates with me at all times, and already lost them for makes me nervous to fly now...I personally feel much more safe now with security, but I worry endlessly that my skates will not make it to the destination...

This year I was definitely ready technically at the beginning of the competitive season, but unfortunately has skate problems following the JGP in China. Although there were problems, I tried my best at forgetting about it during the events and did as best as I could. I felt that this year was an excellent mental development year. At each competition, I felt more and more relaxed, and progressively focused, something I have battled with in the past as a skater.

Q: Biggest disappointment from the last season?

A: Technical inconsistency at competitions. If you look closely at last years results, there is a definitely pattern with poor short/good long competitions. Although I am pleased that I was able to collect myself following the bad performances and coming out with strong long programs, I am disappointed that I was unable to perform to the best of my abilities in the short (with the exception of Oberstdorf, where I stood up on the triple axel).

Q: Biggest success? (and Why)

A: Having a great long program at Junior Worlds. After skating a less than inspiring short program, I was able to come back and have a great long program...(The best of that year!!)

Q: Where you satisfied with your performance overall last season?

A: I would have to say that overall I AM satisfied with my performances last year. They were definitely improvement from the year preceding it, so I believe that as long as there is progression, there is not a lot to be dissatisfied with.

Q: Or do you feel you could have done better?

A: I most definitely could have done better in the short programs of last year, but I took the feeling that I had last year (a feeling of comfort), and have used it to allow for an increase in consistency in this year. I'm a perfectionist, so there is always room to do something better.....

Q: What could have made last season better?

A: Consistency throughout a competition, and most definitely consistency and comfort of equipment.

Q: Leading into this was training in the off season? Do you find it hard to get motivated in the off season?

A: Quite the opposite. Mariposa in the summer is what I would consider a feeding frenzy of motivation. There are so many great elite skaters, that we are able to motivate each other, and ourselves much easier. I enjoy having skates I compete against skating on the same ice as myself because it triggers the competitive spirit in us all, and I think we skate and particularly jump better in those situations.

Q: What did you do on your time of away from the rink?

A: My sister Meghan and I went on vacation in Jamaica at the end of April for one week, and had a GREAT time. While I'm in Barrie though, I love to hang out with friends, and watch a ton of movies.

Q: Has September 11 effected you (and skating)? If so how?

A: I believe that everyone has lost a piece of themselves. The piece that has a sense of comfort knowing that nothing like this can ever go wrong. I think I was in shock at the thought of what had been done to the Americans, and for no reason at all. I had and still have the deepest sympathy for all those who were physically harmed, and their friends, family, and ones who risked their lives to save the few that they could. It has affected skating because the presence of the Americans, a great power in skating have had a limited presence this year internationally. It is unfortunate that the opportunities are taken away through no fault of their own.

Q: What are your goals this season?

A: My goals this season are to maintain a consistency throughout competitions, skating equally well in both short and long. To end the season with a consistent triple axel, and landing one quad (most likely the toe).